Ive Group Offices, Sydney, Australia

Location - Sydney, Australia

Designer - Hot Black

As Australia’s most diversified print and marketing communications business, IVE Group required an innovative interior office design to create a space that would reflect their design ethos, whilst celebrating the “loft” aesthetic.

Product: HW6210 Newport 

Melbourne-based interior design consultancy Hot Black accomplished this through a minimalist approach, limiting the design to strong statement pieces and the use of distinctive, high-quality materials. Havwoods Oak Legacy Grey was selected for use on the statement timber panelling that is featured on the walls and benches throughout the space.

Havwoods Oak Newport is a match in colour to Oak Legacy, the special order product used in this project. The V Collection features products that are specifically priced and suited to high-volume timber flooring for apartments and commercial projects.

Free samples are available for all our products by clicking the ‘Get a Sample’ button next to the product. We also have timber flooring showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle where you can visit us to view our extensive range in larger panels. To contact us, call 1300 428 966 or email info@havwoods.com.au.

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