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3 Acoustic Benefits of Cork Wall Cladding

1 Jul 2019

Are you looking for a soundproof solution? If so, you may want to consider using cork wall cladding on your project. Here’s our top 3 acoustic benefits of cork wall cladding.

Noise pollution is more than just frustrating. It can have a serious effect on an individual's health and well-being. While there are regulations in place to help keep the peace, the actions of other people are usually out of our control – our choice of building materials are not!

When renovating or designing, the acoustic properties of your optioned materials are an important consideration, often varying between projects, locations, rooms and lifestyles.

If you’ve never considered cork before, here’s why you might want to add it to your list of renovation or project materials. 

1. Sound absorption

With over 40 million natural ‘cushion cells’ per cubic centimetre, cork is a natural sound and thermal insulator. Most regular wall surfaces actually reflect sound, but cork’s cellular structure traps air, which creates an effective barrier to absorb sound.

2. Noise reduction

Cork naturally reduces noise transmission between rooms. In a space like a music studio, cork cladding helps prevent the recording activities from one booth impacting those in the adjoining spaces. The same benefits apply to dance studios, apartments and offices, where noise transmission can significantly impact the experience of the space.

3. Acoustic insulation

In addition to absorbing sound and reducing noise, cork also prevents disruption caused by vibrations or echoes associated with sounds emanating from adjoining spaces. 

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 1
News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 2

What spaces benefit the most from cork’s acoustic capabilities?

Cork can be placed in settings such as:

● Cinema rooms

● Music studios

● Restaurants

● Apartments

● Offices

If you’re renovating or building any of these kinds of spaces, cork wall cladding will significantly help with sound absorption.    

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 3

Does cork wall cladding work?

Yes! The result is a beautifully quiet and comfortable environment with cork wall claddings that are warm and pleasant to the touch.

Interested in cork cladding for your project?

A unique concept in wall coverings, we offer the Cork Cladding collection in various stunning designs. The surface of the tiles offer a highly textured, raised-pattern finish that is designed to add interest to vertical surfaces, whether used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme. They allow imaginative formats and patterns to be created with ease.

Want to learn more about this exciting new product? Get in touch with our friendly team or visit one of our showrooms to see larger samples of the cork wall cladding.