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PROJECT: Harrods Technology Rooms
PRODUCTS USED: HW3922 Venture Plank Oak Merchant

With a 152″ television on sale for £600,000; an 11 feet high iPad dock which comes with its own ladder and retails at a cool £300,000; some rather stunning Focal speakers a snip at £120,000 and a £24,000 Hasselblad camera as used by NASA, not to mention exclusive products like the limited edition, Swarovski-encrusted Blackberry smartphones, the technology department at Harrods is hardly your average electronics store. Instead, the design brief for the new department was to create a world-class, luxury retail experience in which the very best technology brands could showcase their premium products. The concept was to create a ‘Harrods branded house’ where a strong architectural look and feel exudes the Harrods brand personality first, and those of the guest brands second. Within each room are product zones which reflect the way that customers think about different forms of technology – computing, vision, sound, etc. Linked by a herringbone Carrera marble walkway, the whole department is held together by wide oak planks chosen to create a warm and luxurious, architectural aesthetic.

A specially sourced wood flooring from our Volunta Range. A specially sourced wood flooring from our Volunta Range.