Casa Loulito, Los Angeles

Project - Casa Loulito

Location - Rustic Canyon, Los Angeles

Product Used - HW16009 Columba Herringbone

Designer - Hayley Feldman and Jesse Feldma

Photographer - Marisa Vitale

We spoke with entrepreneur, homeowner, and mother of two, Hayley Feldman. Although Hayley doesn’t have a design background, she certainly knows her way around it. Read more about this three-story 1920s Spanish Revival home in the heart of Rustic Canyon.  

You have great taste! Both your previous house and this one is just beautifully styled. Do you have a design background?

"Oh gosh, thank you!  I am not classically trained as a designer, but definitely have an interest for it.  I think it’s really just years (and years – ha!) of honing in on my personal style."

What were some of the earliest instances when you found yourself engaged by good design?

"Probably as late as my mid-twenties.  That’s mostly a product of living in NYC, and being exposed to beautiful spaces and stores (ABC Home is still a favorite stop for inspiration and curiosity).  I also credit my mother-in-law and father-in-law for their influence.  They are designers themselves, and have such a layered, eclectic style that feels modern and timeless all at once."

What made you undergo this project? 

"As soon as my husband and I walked into the home, we knew we had to make it ours.  It’s a three-story, 1920s Spanish Revival home that is unassuming in the front, and grandiose in the back.  It also needed a TON of work, so a bit of madness as well."

How would you describe your home design aesthetic?  

"Old World Minimalism"

I’m sure you experienced some obstacles you had to overcome, any that worked in your favor?

"To say the least! It really did need a lot of TLC. The floors and windows were especially distressed.  We initially planned to sand down the floors, but at the last minute, opted to replace them.  Replacing the floors and windows really changed the entire look and feel of the house and we were SO pleased with the outcome.  The house feels light and airy, because of it."

You have your own all-natural wine bar and restaurant; did you pull any inspiration from that into your home? 

"We did!  Our restaurant was actually a very similar design situation.  The building has a very vintage, old-world look and feel: exposed brick, enormous steel and glass doors.  We actually used a lot of the same local artisans and contractors for both design projects."

Where did you pull design inspiration from? 

"We really leaned into the bones of the space, and the environment around us.  Our house is situated on a canyon hillside near the ocean.  It’s a bucolic, forest sort of vibe, and so we leaned into natural materials like white oak, marble, travertine, and tadelakt."  

If you could best describe your home in one sentence what would that be? 

"A 1927 Spanish Revival where Modern Minimalism Meets Old World Charm in the heart of Rustic Canyon."

What’s the story behind the name Casa Loulito? 

"It’s an amalgamation of our childrens’ names: Loulou and Carlo (who we lovingly call “Carlito”)."

What made you decide to go for the herringbone pattern?

"We were 100% dead set on finding the perfect herringbone pattern for our floors.  It reminds us of a chic, Parisian flat."

What made you decide to go for the herringbone pattern?

"We were 100% dead set on finding the perfect herringbone pattern for our floors.  It reminds us of a chic, Parisian flat."

What were some specific things you were looking for when shopping for the perfect floor? 

"We were really specific in seeking a herringbone pattern that had a thin width.  A lot of herringbone options out there are quite wide.  Havwoods was one of the few suppliers of a pattern that really nailed the thin, vintage look we were going for."

How was your experience shopping with Havwoods virtually? 

"Havwoods was wonderful from start to finish.  Their customer service helped us over the phone and was very responsive via email.  As a couple with limited design experience, they were especially helpful in walking us through the process and even recommending floor sealers and products to maintain the longevity of our floors."

What’s your favorite space in your home? 

"Certainly our kitchen.  The space is easily the most utilized space on the home, but is also a real “moment” when you enter the room.  It’s anchored by a marble island and I love the contrast between the white oak floors and black oak cabinetry." 

Do your kids love the new home? 

"That would be an understatement!  And honestly, with two small kids under 5, you’d think we’d be worried about them running around on the floors, but they’re still pristine."