Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone Flooring is the most popular form of parquetry in use today. Unlike a chevron pattern, where the short ends are cut at an angle, the pattern is produced using a simple rectangular block. Traditionally, the herringbone flooring pattern was created using blocks that were made from solid wood and were relatively small, but modern methods now allow us to offer a stunning range of shades, finishes and sizes right up to 600mm long, providing a really contemporary take on what is a very traditional patterned floor.

What is Herringbone Flooring?

Herringbone flooring is the most popular form of parquetry and it is a pattern which has been around for centuries. Approximately 2500 years ago Romans engineers found that its crisscrossing arrangement provided the optimum structure for their roads, now it might be the perfect flooring for your home. Traditionally, a herringbone wood floor would have been considered a symbol of wealth, as the pattern would take a craftsman a considerable time to create. However, due to advancements in the accuracy of milling machinery, each individual piece is cut to such a consistent size that the blocks fit together perfectly, avoiding the requirement for repeated individual adjustment. As a result, a Havwoods modern Herringbone patterned floor is much simpler and considerably quicker to install, making it an affordable flooring option for everyone. 

Is Herringbone Flooring Practical for the home?

Despite the delicate aesthetic of the herringbone pattern, a Havwoods' herringbone wood floor is made from engineered wood, making it significantly more robust than solid wood blocks, which can be prone to warping over time. As a result, an engineered wood herringbone pattern floor is incredibly hard-wearing, hence why this pattern a regular feature in sports facilities and event spaces. In addition to its robust nature, the pattern enables a plethora of colours and grains to be displayed side by side, creating a textured floor that is rich with accented tones. Each block is coated with a UV oil, ensuring your floor remains resistant to the spillages and consistent wear that is a daily feature of residential flooring. The engineered wood construction also means there are a greater choice of finishes, including rustic reclaimed wood, rich European Oak, and contemporary Italian Ardesia patterns, meaning that Havwoods are able to offer a herringbone floor to suit every interior theme.