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The Cowshed, Snowdonia

Project - The Cowshed

Location - Snowdonia

Product Used - HW926 Fendi 13

Designer - Ben Harrison, Windinghouse Interiors, Wrexham / Communion Architects, Hereford

The Cowshed is a luxury cottage nestled in a remote valley within the scenic rolling hills of Snowdonia National Park. Previously used for its namesake, as a shelter for sheep and cattle, the building now provides a beautiful and comfortable space for the homeowner to enjoy the rural surroundings.

Requiring planning permission and special permissions from the National Trust, the building underwent a complete restoration to breathe new life into the cottage and bring it into its full potential. The design brief was to retain as much of the character as possible, but to juxtapose it with a clean and contemporary look that would work within its historic exterior and fit the heritage of the area.

The new home needed to be light and airy and, most importantly, warm. The open plan living space was fitted with a mezzanine level to provide a second bedroom. In keeping with the natural materials of the building, there is stone on display in each direction on all internal walls.

The aim was to retain as much of the existing oak framework as possible, so finding an oak floor that complemented the existing oak was crucial. Durable and hard-wearing, the Fendi board from the Havwoods Venture Plank collection provided the perfect solution to complement the existing oak roof structure, with its characterful surface texture and rich, smoked brown surface. The width of the boards was also carefully considered, in order to maximise the sense of space with the internal width of the building, which the floor now does superbly.

Now, the curved kitchen and staircase provide a completely unique space that creates an incredibly inviting and relaxed home. Two years of hard work has resulted in a perfect marriage of contemporary style and the original structure of the building.