Fred Rogers Productions, Pittsburgh, PA 

Project - Fred Rogers Productions

Location - Pittsburgh, PA 

Product Used - Calvaire HW2206 

Architect - R3A Architecture / Barbara Pschirer, Jon Williams G.C. A. Martini & Co

Photographer - Ed Rombout

Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers Productions (FRP) new office environment takes its inspiration from FRP’s multiple hit series and features elements that honor the look and feel of an actual neighborhood. The light-filled space was designed to strike a perfect balance between practical and whimsy. 

The Owner wanted the warmth of wood in the new office space. The design team did not want to compromise this by using a vinyl product which would not have given the same warmth and feeling underfoot. 

Being a non-profit organization, budget drove the design team to use the engineered hardwood in the place that made the most impact which was their entry/waiting space, and their double-height rotunda space called the Forum. 

The intentional star installation method not only served as a visual guide to draw occupants into the space, but it also strengthened the shape of the rotunda and gave the forum an elevated design element. 

The flooring could have been used orthogonally, but the design team did not think it would be as strong. 

What made you select the Calvaire floor for this space?

The design team likes the broad range of Havwoods species and stain choices and responsive representation. There were also many high-resolution photos of their products on the website which made it easy to convey the design intent to the client because they could see the color and quality.  The product gave us the warmth we were looking for on a budget.