Leman Street Tavern, London

Project - Leman Street Tavern

Location - London, United Kingdom

Product Used - HW1591 Antique Versailles

We have been delighted to supply Leman Street Tavern with Versailles panels in a proper city pub for City people.

Geronimo Inns are on a mission to bring back the local to London, and they’ve been doing it very successfully for almost 20 years. In fact, they now have around 40 pubs, each and every one with an individual personality properly suited to its location, but linked by well conceived decor and a universal commitment to tasty food and friendly staff. 

They run quizzes and competitions, invite you to parties, even remember birthdays and anniversaries: everything that a really good local should do.

We have been delighted to supply Geronimo with Oak Crest from our Venture Plank collection for The Oyster Shed, a waterside pub which serves City folk on weekdays, and now for the recently opened Leman Street Tavern; Versailles panels in a proper city pub for City people.

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