Modern Farmhouse Media Room

Location - New Hope, PA

Product Used - BPF21/5007/180 Rhyl and HRC2060 Eurus

Designer - Solebury Design LLC

Contractor - Worthington & Shagen Custom Builder

Photographer - OM Media LLC

Instagram - soleburydesignllc

This Pennsylvania-based residence perfectly embodies the "Country meets Modern" aesthetic. Learn more about this style and design approach in a Q+A with Timothy Summers Bailey of Solebury Deisgn 

How do you balance modern and rustic so elegantly?

I have an architectural background, so "modern" is always part of my design language- even when I'm designing transitional projects. For this project, my use of color and sleek detailing kept it fresh yet inviting. I liked mixing character grade woods with modern wallpaper and furnishings. I also added modern touches with the use of simple hardware juxtaposed against the barn doors, for example. This home is actually a farmhouse, so I needed to acknowledge the rustic aspect, but not go into the saccharine side of farmhouse design, like when people put those kitschy signs everywhere. 

What's your go-to source for design inspiration? Travel. Going to restaurants and hotels is inspiring to me - even for my residential projects. I'm fortunate to live in an area with a glut of 200+ year old taverns and inns where I can draw endless inspiration from. Physically experiencing a space or object in person is much more inspiring for me than picking up a magazine or scrolling on my phone. 

You have so many wonderful textures in this home, why are they important to the design? Because this is a relatively small space with no windows, adding a mix of materials (wood, stone, wallpaper, tile) was critical to ensure a visually interesting space. No paint color in the world is going to transform a dark, detail-less room.

I knew I needed to create an environment rich in texture and color. Rhyl's color was perfect for creating a rich and warm place for my clients to relax and unwind. Eurus on the walls added visual interest, texture, and a nice counterpart to the Rhyl wood floors and the other materials in the design.