Penfolds Bar and Kitchen - Adelaide Airport

Project - Penfolds Bar and Kitchen

Location - Adelaide Airport

Product Used - HW2000 Aintree Herringbone

Designer - Polly Glaysher Pagh & Kristy Wilkinson, Greater Group

Layered with luxurious details that reflect the Penfolds brand and grounded by the earthy tones and luxurious textures of Havwoods HW2000 Aintree herringbone timber flooring, the Penfolds Bar and Kitchen at Adelaide Airport, transports travellers to the luxury, charm and sophistication of the Penfolds Magill Estate, without ever leaving the airport.

Designers Greater Group were presented with a brief to bring the Penfolds Magill Estate experience to Adelaide Airport. They answered the challenge through the design and incorporation of two distinct areas that are key to a Penfolds Estate experience, a Front Bar, and a Tasting Bar.

The Front Bar offers Penfolds Grange by the glass, Penfolds wine on tap, beer and a butcher block for charcuterie. The Tasting bar delivers the classic cellar door experience complete with wine tasting and retail area.

The Penfolds brand is world renowned, therefore the material selection for the design was required to be premium. The design is layered with luxurious details, creating a physical manifestation of the Penfolds brand. 

The pièce de résistance is a stunning bespoke rope installation, flowing like wine over the booth seating, along the double height glass windows, and cascading down over the tasting bar. This clever installation links the two areas together with a seamless and beautiful showcase piece.

Designers Polly Glaysher Pahg and Kristy Wilkinson of Greater Group, selected Havwoods Aintree herringbone engineered timber flooring from the Design From Havwoods range, to ground the design and frame the space. Aintree herringbone was selected for its premium finish and hardwearing surface, as well as for it's good slip rating, all attributes that were required in a commercial, retail and hospitality setting.

“The timber flooring provides an earthy, grounding and luxurious element to the dining area and tasting table, beautifully framing the space.”

- Polly Glaysher Pagh - Greater Group