Seeloge Hotel, Eutin

Project - Seelodge Hotel

Location - Eutin

Product Used - HW3600C (Special) Cedro 260mm | HW3670C Cedro 12 Character 180mm

Designer - KSK Ingenieure GmbH & Co

Architect - Wuttke & Ringhof

Developer - MNP Ingenieure

Photographer - Piet Niemann

Instagram - seeloge_eutin

The SeeLoge in Eutin is a striking new Nordic-inspired hotel located on the bank of the city’s lake promenade.  With the view that our surroundings help to shape our mood and consciousness, elements of the natural world have been used both on the interior and exterior of the hotel. 

Working with Danish-German architectural firm Wuttke & Ringhof, whose design philosophy combines good architecture with positive wellbeing, SeeLoge’s light wooden structure designed with simple, straight lines links the city and great outdoors together. Not only this, but even the height of the hotel was considered so it remained far below the surrounding treetops as to not ruin the view. 

Mirroring the beautiful wood used on the exterior of the hotel, inside the property, all of the visible materials come from nature including the door and window frames, ceilings, furniture and floors – all of which are made of oak or larch wood as it grows in the forests of Holstein, Switzerland. 

Due to its varied and versatile collection of striking wood flooring optionsHavwoods was chosen by designer KSK Ingenieure for the hotel’s restaurant. With sweeping views across the lake through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the restaurant is flooded with natural light with wood installed on nearly every surface.  

Best known for its quality appearance and high performance, Havwoods Cedro 12 Character 260mm 1-Strip planks from the Venture Plank collection were selected for this busy, social space. The natural colouring of the engineered oak boards pairs exquisitely with the design and ethos of the hotel, highlighting the natural beauty of the great outdoors – whilst also being a durable and hardwearing flooring choice that can stand the test of time.