The Juice Theory, Brooklyn

Project - Juice Theory

Location - Brooklyn, USA

Product Used - HW16405 Ardesia

Designer - Ovadia Design

Here at Havwoods, we have seen straight planks laid in stunning bespoke herringbone or chevron patterns, however in this project, herringbone from our Italian Collection was utilised in a straight plank pattern in order to achieve the narrow plank look the designers were after.

Award-winning New York City based Ovadia Design thought outside the box on the interior of the Brooklyn branch of this family owned vegan restaurant and juice bar. After having worked with Havwoods on a number of residential and commercial projects, Ovadia contacted us looking for a cost-efficient, narrow, grey toned plank in a hurry. At 120mm wide, even our narrow Italian Collection planks were wider than they had envisaged, instead they opted for a 70mm wide herringbone block and laid it as a plank, to turn plain old walls into a stand out feature.

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