Vita Students, Edinburgh

Project - Vita Students

Location - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Product Used - RECM4320 Ruby

Designer - David Batt | Architect: SJS Property Services Limited

Outstanding design is rarely associated with student lodgings, but Vita Student is far from the norm. Aimed at providing the finest self-contained student accommodation, it is targeted primarily at overseas and postgraduate scholars.

A new concept for students

Nevertheless, the interiors are subjected to hard use, so durability remains a key requirement for any finishes.

The Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh is currently undergoing an urban renaissance and was chosen as the perfect location for Vita's latest project - 250 one-bedroom apartments with a residents' ground floor social hub. 

The communal spaces needed to provide for both individuals and small groups to work, relax and socialise, and the highly experienced in-house design team devised a concept utilising a palette of raw manufactured materials with pockets of luxury to create a really cool but comfortable environment.

Having worked with Havwoods on previous projects, the Design Manager was sourcing cladding from our Vertical collection when he spotted the unique, axe chopped finish of this rustic pine and concluded that it was simply the perfect material with which to create custom-built tables and workstations that will look just as good in five years time. 

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