Barking Owl Studios

Project - Barking Owl Studios

Location - New York, NY

Product Used - Fendi Prime Chevron HW3433 and Fendi Character HW926

Designer - Suzanne Kisbye

Architect - Murdock Solon Architects

Builder - Dennis Darcy, DDCG

Photographer - Joseph Kitchen

Murdock Solon Architects, in collaboration with Suzanne Kisbye Interior Design and Dennis Darcy Construction Group, proudly presents the New York expansion of Barking Owl Studios. This dynamic project, unveiled this spring, boasts a trio of cutting-edge sound-editing suites featuring versatile voice-over recording booths. The space harmoniously integrates functionality with aesthetics, offering a bright lounge area along West 25th Street with panoramic views of Madison Square Park.

A standout feature is the radiant and inviting lounge area, highlighted by the prominent presence of Havwoods Fendi Chevron wood flooring. This remarkable flooring choice not only unifies the space but also fosters a seamless transition between different zones. The Fendi Chevron's elegant smoky gray hue serves as a striking counterpoint, grounding the overall design by harmonizing with the darker accents of industrial beams and stone elements. 

Notably, the recording studio's interior is dressed with our Fendi Character straight planks, further enhancing the visual allure and functionality of the space. Murdock Solon Architects, Suzanne Kisbye Interior Design, and Dennis Darcy Construction Group have successfully created a multifunctional environment that merges contemporary design with exceptional functionality. Through the use of Havwoods Fendi Chevron flooring, the project's design ethos is elevated, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and the holistic experience of Barking Owl Studios.