LEKFIT Fitness Studio

Project - LEKFIT

Location - Los Angeles

Product Used - HW16010 Grande Herringbone

Designer - Studio Como

Photographer - Andrew Bui

Set in a historic home, the original space had a historic presence layered with the signature black and white palette of the LEKFIT fitness brand. For this flagship project, it was essential to the team that we carry the character of the original residential framework into the new space where the fitness studio now stands. 

When selecting the material palette, Studio Como knew the floor was an area where we could stand out from the competition, as well as bring in a residential vibe to set a welcoming tone. The fitness market is a very raw aesthetic usually, and they wanted to do something completely different. The Grande floor in a herringbone pattern is the perfect unifier for all of the different spaces in the flagship. The design team knew this floor will also age beautifully over time while still being able to handle the higher level of foot traffic that the LEKFIT space has as a boutique fitness studio.

The studio has an entry that is very traditional feeling with molding on the walls and a custom iron guardrail on the stairs. Then, the retail area is transitioning you to a more modern aesthetic with the walls and displays done completely in a white subway tile. And finally, in what we call the "Ready Room," you see the molding on the walls again but done with really modern edge lighting and black tinted mirrors to get everyone pumped to step into the workout studio itself. Through all of those spaces, the Grande floor is the perfect foundation of the design to handle all of those transitions.  

“Floors are the foundation of a design and they have to be both beautiful and long lasting. In a fitness project it is particularly surprising to find something that makes such a luxury statement, but as exercise and wellness become increasingly part of everyone's personal lifestyle statements it makes perfect sense to bring luxury design into that type of space.” 

Their creative process always starts in the same place - with the audience. Who is this design for? Who will be using the space? What is important to them to see and feel here? Those are the questions the team always start with, and the answers directly inform the design. There is no signature style as a company, and that's why people go to them - to see themselves and their own brands reflected in their spaces. The clients love it, and their customers also love it because they feel connected to the brand in their experience of the space.