MAN Group speakeasy, New York

Project - MAN Group speakeasy

Location - New York, NY

Product Used - HW16006 Bronzo

Architect - Perkins & Will

In New York, part of the experience in enjoying an amenity is how you get there. A secluded lounge is tucked behind a realm of books, known exclusively within the workspace of MAN group. This secret (not so secret now) speakeasy, designed to serve varying purposes and gatherings, the speakeasy is a special, playful, treasure that adds charm and unexpected excitement, in a classic New York way.

Infused with the essence of a swanky speakeasy, moody lighting, plush velvet textures, and whisky-filled bottles were central to the speakeasy concept. Amidst the escape from sterile office environments, the inclusion of wood was imperative. The pursuit of an affordable alternative to walnut herringbone flooring led designers to our product offerings. It was love at first sight of Bronzo Herringbone. The dark brown floor’s captivating variation and movement harmoniously complemented the ornately detailed gold ceiling, culminating in a luxurious, intimate ambiance – an ideal haven for unwinding after hours.