Workspace, London

Location - London, United Kingdom

Product Used - Bespoke Product

Designer - Reed Watts Architects

Flagship projects require bespoke solutions and Havwoods were honoured to work closely with Matthew Watts Architects to supply a flooring solution that was a little ‘out-of-the-box’.

Given the high number of narrow corridors that exist throughout the workspace, the brief entailed a requirement of timber flooring that opposed common trends; rather than being as wide as possible the boards had to be super-narrow. 

We took the concept to one our favourite European mills who delight in finding bespoke solutions and thankfully the result married in with what the designers had in mind – a floor that complemented their ash joinery and looked as natural as possible due it’s beautifully textured ‘cross-sawn’ finish. Is it all about looking good? No, good design must be fit for purpose and kudos to our London team who came up with the idea of using a UV cured oil finish on the floor to ensure maximum longevity and durability.