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BXR Gym, London

Project - BXR Gym

Location - London

Product Used - HW9596 QUADRO CHARACTER 180MM 1-STRIP

Installer - Westcotes Flooring

Photographer - Calvert Studios

At home on the 25th floor of the City of London’s flagship commercial development, 22 Bishopsgate, is the newly opened BXR City gym.  

As the City of London’s highest gym, it offers a fitness experience like no other, with sweeping views across the capital.

Havwoods’ Quadro Character 180mm 1-Strip flooring from the Venture Plank collection was chosen for the main landing and staircase. 

The engineered European Oak planks are the ideal option for a space with heavy foot traffic and high moisture as they won’t warp or change shape – and so are able to stand the test of time, while being easy to maintain.  

With warm undertones and a rustic aesthetic, the boards are finished with a brass metal trim, complemented with soft, atmospheric downlighting on each step to guide the way for members. 

The staircase contrasts perfectly with the interior décor of the gym. From the angular staircase and surrounding walls made of cascading chains, to the exposed metal ceiling, the stairs are a glowing light amongst the dark and industrial aesthetic of the space.