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Prestbury House, Cheshire

Project - Prestbury House

Location - Cheshire


Photographer - Calvert Studios

INSTAGRAM - acheshiredream

Located in the beautiful county of Cheshire is the Prestbury House project. A family home with an abundance of stylish charm, this residential property has been transformed with the help of Havwoods and its superior collection of flooring. 

For this project, Cedro in a herringbone design from the Venture Plank collection has been selected for use. Installed across the floors throughout the home, creating a seamless flow from room to room, this on-trend parquet exudes a characterful surface appeal.  

Paired alongside an industrial-inspired kitchen with a concrete worktop and dark cabinetry, the warm colouring of the planks provide a welcome contrast alongside contributing to the contemporary yet minimalist feel of the room. In the lounge the boards have been styled alongside a plush textured rug and pops of blue velvet, for a stylish yet tactile space.

A durable choice, these hardwearing boards are ideal for a family home, requiring very little maintenance promising enhanced longevity.