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Design from Havwoods

Intricately patterned wood floors are now very much on trend, and Design collates all the Havwoods' blocks which are perfect for the job (with the exception of the thinner 10/11mm blocks you will find in The Italian Collection.

The range includes many stunning shades and finishes in the popular herringbone, chevron and Versailles patterns, as well as blocks for more unusual arrangements.


This on trend pattern is available in beautifully machined unfinished solid oak blocks for completion on site; as pre-finished engineered blocks which may be fitted over underfloor heating; and as both tumbled and reclaimed blocks for an aged appearance. Remember, the blocks may be laid in a number of different ways for something a little out of the ordinary - diagonally, doubled or as brick patterns, in basket weave or tumbling dice for example. Some patterns require the length of the block be a specific multiple of the width.

Most blocks are supplied either with a groove on three sides and tongue on one, or with two sides groove, two sides tongue; those marked ‘handed’ are supplied as left- and right-handed and will be supplied in the correct ratio. But if you need the fastest possible installation, look our for our interlocking, click system herringbone blocks. And finally, we have matching planks available for some blocks to create a frame for your room.


Individual blocks are available using both reclaimed and new timber. In addition we stock a number of pre-finished, pre-assembled "chevron panels" for particularly easy installation. A matching plank to create a border is available for some products and all are supplied either with a groove on three sides and tongue on one, or with two sides groove, two sides tongue.


All are supplied as all pre-finished panels, pre-assembled panels for easy installation. Please note that some panels are FSC® certified (FSC-C009500) but are not suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

Other patterns

Our mansion weave, diamond and stretched hexagon engineered blocks take intricate surface design to another level - think of them as fine art for your floors. All three designs are available in natural, white or grey UV oiled finishes, allowing you to mix shades to create your very own, totally unique designs.

Or for something equally unusual, but rather easier to install, take a look at our other designs supplied in pre-assembled, pre-finished panels. Gord is rather like a simplified Versailles pattern, quite contemporary in appearance but with strong Russian roots. The remainder, well over a dozen of them, use reclaimed timber, mainly oak, for even greater interest.

The Italian Collection

Shorter, narrower, thinner planks and correspondingly smaller blocks are favoured by Italian designers for their flexibility. You will find such planks, herringbone and chevron blocks, each one in eight different shades, in our Italian Collection.