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Mercure Hotels, Charlestown

Project - Mercure Hotels

Location - Charlestown, New South Wales

Product Used - HW16002 Pallido

Designer - Webber Architects

The design journey of a luxury hotel renovation encompasses both the tangible and intangible - the aesthetic that one can see as well as the initial feeling that is created when guests first walk through the doors. To create a memorable first impression, Grant and Amanda opted for the warmth of timber flooring to realise their design vision.

From the moment Grant and Amanda Vickery glimpsed the Mercure Charlestown, their imagination took hold. Instead of viewing the building as it was, they immediately recognised the inherent charm and beauty that, with a tad of warmth and love, could be transformed into a shining gem. Their vision? To preserve the iconic 70’s modernist heritage while infusing notes of freshness, light and warmth into the space. To achieve this well-thought out design dream, the Vickery’s reached out to the talented Tanya Killen, the Associate and Head of Interior Design from Webber Architects.

The dynamic three decided to reveal the original gorgeous marble features which had been ungraciously hidden behind gyprock sheeting. By that same token, the original marble reception desk was restored to create a welcome punch upon entry while the light blue ‘clinical’ walls were pampered with a warm white; the restaurant and bar space were repositioned to allow greater amounts of light into the room. Alongside the brass elements and beautiful lightning features, the dark wood floors were removed and replaced with the timeless and beautiful Pallido from our Italian Collection. The timber planks were not only placed on the floor, but artfully positioned in a parquetry style upon the walls to create a welcome punch upon entry.

In carefully planned stages, Grant with the help of others, was able to lay the whole floor between 10am and 3pm, over a few days without closing the doors and with minimal disruption to guests. The installation of the Pallido Chevron Flooring timber cladding features was a similar scenario.  

“The Havwoods flooring was an excellent option for us as it is all prefinished and such a straight forward tongue and groove design. This meant installation could happen without impacting day to day business” - Grant & Amanda

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