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Composite Decking

Composite decking is the modern alternative to timber decking, the advantage being that it does not rot or warp and is virtually maintenance-free. WPC decking (Wood Polymer Composite) is made from wood fibre, some form of plastic and a binding agent, so the result is denser, harder and heavier than wood alone. This means that there is no danger of splinters and, since the composite will not host the growth of algae, it is anti-slip even in the wet. With no health and safety issues, this makes it ideally suited to use in commercial and public areas as well for private decks.

We have now launched a dedicated Trekker website availabe at www.trekkerglobal.com

What is Composite Decking?

Often referred to as Plastic Decking, Havwoods composite deck boards are actually made from a mixture of wood fibres and plastic resin, moulded to create a much harder-wearing and longer lasting decking board. The result is an incredibly robust finish, capable of daily wear, without the regular maintenance requirement associated with traditional wood decking. As the product is moulded, the wood polymer composite provides a fantastic slip-resistant surface that offers either a natural looking wood grain, or grooved plank finish.  

Is Composite Decking Difficult To Install?

As the product is manufactured for this specific purpose, WPC deck boards are designed as be easy to install as wood. In addition, each board is manufactured to precisely the same size, creating a completely uniformed decked space that requires very little maintenance and will last a lifetime. The sub-deck frame can be laid over an uneven surface with ease, as the supporting joists and footers are designed to be fully adjustable and connect to the surface and facia boards with optimum precision. As every space is different, it is likely that WPC boards will need to be cut to suit. This can also be done using standard woodworking tools - so there is no need to invest in bespoke tools to get the job done. If you would like to find more information on the installation of Havwoods WPC decking products, there are some great resources available on our dedicated Trekker composite decking website.