Bespoke Laser Cut Panel Design

Product Used - Bespoke Laser Cut Panel

Designer - Dorothy Wightman Interiors

Contractor - Adam Carr Builders

Photographer - Scopic Productions

Instagram - havwoods

Looking to refurbish the dining room of an old manor house, the client met with an interior designer to discuss their requirements and explain their vision. They collaborated over the colour palette and wood finishes, ensuring they would align with their chosen style and complement the overall aesthetic of the space.  

Havwoods was commissioned to supply the bespoke flooring, and in keeping with the sophisticated nature of the property, a dark wood was chosen to best complement the home. The client wanted something bespoke and specified their desired patterns and custom elements. Working alongside the interior designer, Havwoods curated the designs and presented them to the client.  

Once approved, Havwoods produced a full panel of the floor before the final sign-off. To achieve the desired finish, the Havwoods team used the latest laser technology to ensure precision and a seamless finish. Quality inspections are conducted throughout to ensure they meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and accuracy. Upon approval from the client, Havwoods finalised the design specifications and proceeded with a full-scale production of the bespoke laser-cut wood flooring.  

The finished result is eye-catching, yet in keeping with the traditional character of the room. The maximalist style incorporates on-trend green walls, plenty of dark features and intricate details, a statement fireplace and ample natural light which floods the space through the terrace doors. The dark wood looks particularly attractive due to how light the area is, resulting in the perfect environment for dining and hosting.