RIBA accredited CPD with Havwoods

Havwoods’ RIBA accredited CPDs are designed with architects and specifiers in mind, delivering meaningful, inspiring content. We currently offer four insightful CPDs: Journey towards circularity, The journey of wood flooring, Regenerative architecture, and Wood & wellbeing.

All of our CPDs can be delivered either as live online presentations, or in person either in your offices or in one of our showrooms.

Journey Towards Circularity

This CPD explores the circular economy in relation to architecture and the flooring industry. Based on interviews with architects, interior designers, developers and other professionals, the seminar offers thoughts and ideas on what might need to change for the construction industry to become more circular. The CPD will look at some steps on the way; projects and initiatives that are happening today, and that are based on circular thinking. Furthermore, it will also offer some wood flooring specification essentials.

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The Journey of Wood Flooring

Join us on a journey of forestry, craftsmanship and innovation. Explore the process of wood flooring fabrication, from sustainable and ethical sourcing to a floor full of natural beauty. Learn about the different species and groups of trees from around the world, and the properties of different grades of wood flooring. You will gain an understanding of issues relating to sustainable forestry, as well as deforestation, and different certification schemes. The manufacturing processes of different types of flooring will be explained, and we’ll share our top tips for successful specification and installation of wood flooring

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Regenerative Architecture

Regenerative Design is a big step up from just Sustainable Design. It optimises the huge benefits of restorative principals. It optimises good, not just focussing on what is ‘less bad’. Via this CPD we are unpacking a new concept that could have a hugely positive impact in the built environment as well as our current existential crisis of the planet.

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Wood and wellbeing

Workplace stress has been named as ‘the health epidemic of the 21st century’ by the World Health Organisation. The good news is that exposure to wooden surfaces has been proven to reduce stress, as our Wood and Wellbeing CPD explores.

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