Hyatt Hotel with Herringbone

Project - The Eliza Jane Hotel

Location - New Orleans, LA

Product Used - RECM1003 Granne

Designer - Stonehill Taylor

Photographer - Taggart Sorenson

The Eliza Jane Hotel, situated between the French Quarter and Central Business District of New Orleans, is a part of Hyatt's Unbound Collection. 

The hotel's lobby and bar area are adorned with a solid herringbone design, adding to the unique charm of the establishment. 

Originally a printing house and bitters factory, The Eliza Jane is now a luxurious retreat that blends centuries-old history with impeccable style. The hotel features a garden courtyard and a literature-themed lounge.

The renovation of The Eliza Jane Hotel incorporated FSC Certified Granne Rustic from the Gold Leaf collection. 

This choice of wood adds to the hotel's luxurious feel. The use of FSC Certified wood promotes responsible forest management, ensuring that the wood is sourced sustainably. This renovation choice also aligns with the broader goals of the hotel to create an eco-friendly establishment.

Overall, The Eliza Jane Hotel is a luxurious and unique establishment that expertly combines history and style to create an unforgettable guest experience.