Neil Moodie Studio, London

Project - Neil Moodie Studio

Location - London

Product Used - HW16002 PALLIDO SELECT 70MM BLOCK

Designer - Reis Design

Photographer - Calvert Studios

Instagram - neilmoodie

Located in East London, the Neil Moodie Studio combines contemporary meets industrial style, with raw materials.

Reflecting the hairdresser's partnership with the Green Salon Collective, the studio has been designed with sustainability in mind, a value which Moodie deems crucial for positive change within the hair industry.

Havwoods’ Pallido Select 70mm Block was chosen by Interior Designer Reis Design, to complement the natural materials in the space, helping to create a warm and welcoming ambience for customers.  

The on-trend Block pattern of the flooring is laid throughout, from the waiting area through to the studio. Adding depth and texture, the planks work seamlessly with the warm undertones of the other features including an exposed brick wall, wooden furniture and soft lighting. Creating a visually interesting look, the se carefully engineered planks pair beautifully with the retro themes and curved accents of the furniture.

The combination of light and dark tones within the planks complements the colour palette used throughout the space, ranging from bright accessories to darker detailing. The flooring successfully creates an inviting space to relax and enjoy time in.