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Nokken Hotel Cabins

Project - Nokken Hotel Cabins

Product Used - Bespoke

Architect - Aylott + Van Tromp / Nokken

Developer - Aylott + Van Tromp / Nokken

Photographer - Aylott + Van Tromp / Nokken

INSTAGRAM - the__nokken

Going beyond a simple wood cabin design, Nokken is a new retreat hospitality concept that combines the best in desirable, eco-conscious and considerate architecture.  

Creators behind the brand and company, Nathan Aylott and James Van Tromp, saw a huge surge in the market for retreat-focused hospitality so decided to create a concept that offered additional services alongside the hotel cabins 

The next generation cabin design is the most adaptive and customisable cabin on the market, with availability to reconfigure the impressive exterior to meet the potential needs and preferences of an owner. 

Comprising rustic, industrial and contemporary stylesthe cabins boast interior flair and functionality, creating the perfect asset to host small or large groups. Supporting this aesthetic, Havwoods was commissioned to provide the wood flooring.  

The custom boards were selected for their soft appeal and rustic textures to complement the dominating dark colourways and natural features. Accentuating the scheme further, the floor works in perfect cohesion with the ceiling, chairs and neutral colourways seen on the curtains, evoking themes of relaxation and calm. 

The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow for plenty of natural light to flood the cabinelegantly reflecting off the lightly toned planks and complementing the outside view – resulting in a beautiful full-wood scheme.