Penthouse, London

Project - Penthouse

Location - London

Product Used - HW16621 LAVA PRIME 90MM CHEVRON

Designer - JAM By Hedayat

Photographer - Carolina Fontes

Instagram - jambyhedayat

The Penthouse London project is a captivating fusion of culture and design, drawing inspiration from the facades of Beirut.  

With its character-filled features, this unique property offers a home that exudes individuality and a touch of the Middle East. From the stunning mosaic hallway floor to the exquisite gold-framed arched doorway, every detail adds to the charm of this remarkable interior. 

A standout element of the penthouse's design is the selection of Havwoods' Lava Prime 90mm Chevron boards for the open-plan dining room and living space. These bold and impactful boards beautifully complement the distinctive décor, creating an earthy richness that harmonizes with jewel-toned furniture and a vibrant rug.  

The result is a sophisticated and exquisitely designed home that balances contemporary aesthetics with natural character. 

The penthouse underwent a thoughtful layout redesign to meet the needs of its new occupants. Non-structural walls were removed to redefine the entrance and create an open dining and living area. The former dining room was transformed into a cozy family snug, while the master suite and boys' quarters were reimagined to optimize functionality. From start to finish, the collaboration between designers and architects was key to realizing the vision, resulting in a harmonious and stylish living space.