Potts Point Terrace

Project - Potts Point Terrace

Location - Potts Point, NSW

Product Used - HW1591 Versailles Antique

Designer - Tamsin Johnson

Contractor - JCorp

Photographer - Anson Smart Photography

Instagram - tamsinjohnson

Situated in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Potts Point, this stunning home is the result of a brief that challenged designer Tamsin Johnson to explore the architectural, interior design and styling elements to create a seamless cohesion between old and new. 
Opulent heavy veined marble, stunning artworks, high-end fixtures and furniture, all sit on a foundation of Havwoods Versailles Antique timber flooring.

Product use: HW1591 Versailles Antique

Having travelled throughout Europe and previously called Melbourne home, the terrace's owners the owners wanted to combine elements of their former urban lives with the iconic elements of life in Sydney. Additionally, the home needed to be suitable for their young family, while also catering to their love of entertaining.

Overall, the brief required a pairing of a European inspired pied-à-terre to an inner-city Sydney terrace, without compromising on the homes unique heritage qualities.

To be feature throughout the entire home, the flooring was a key element of the design. It provided the foundation for the rest of the interior design and styling, and in some ways, it provided the soul of the building. Selected for this critical element was Havwoods HW1591 Versailles Antique preassembled panels.

Versailles Antique was selected for a myriad of reasons including its exceptional quality and finish, providing a superior product to a unique home. The authentic Versailles parquetry pattern drew familiarity of travels through Europe for the homes' clients and the lush brown tones delivered a lived-in warmth and richness to the home that aided in tying in and softening the heavily veined marble featured around the home and other dramatic architectural elements.

Tamsin's design is a beautiful negotiation between old and new. An exploration across the architectural, interior design and styling elements to create a seamless cohesion that pays homage to the homes heritage without recreating the past.