The Mill

Project - The Mill

Product Used - HW9524 RHYL RUSTIC 220MM 1-STRIP

Designer - Charlotte Findlater

Photographer - Steven Barber & Property Lens

Instagram - charlottefindlaterlimited

Combining expert craftmanship and sustainable design, a quintessential British Mill has gone through a comprehensive process of restoration.

Enhancing the buildings integrity, whilst also being adapted for 21st century needsThe Mill boasts an abundance of character. The beautifully historic property presents authentic design with its contrast of original Mill features and modern interior style, creating an idyllic space for a family to reside in 

Dating back to the 1300s, the design of the original mill includes exposed beams and a variety of different shaped rooms. The contemporary interior scheme complements the space well, evoking a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere 

Naturally accentuating this property, Havwoods’ Rhyl Rustic planks from the Henley Collection were used throughout the home, creating a spacious and free-flowing feel 

The variation of the warm and cool tones serves as a charming backdrop to the house, working seamlessly alongside the pared-back colour paletteUsing industrial-style features, from the generous use of glass and the metal spiral staircase to the carefully conserved machinery, it pairs beautifully with the textures of the wood flooring, presenting an aesthetic that is minimal yet impressive.