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The Palace Apartment, New York

Project - "The Palace" Apartment Renovation

Location - New York. USA

Designer - Eric Petschek

Product Used - BPFH21/1611/120 Jutland

Go behind the scenes with Aperçu blog author and travel, lifestyle and design photographer Alice Gao. The project is playfully named "The Palace", a 384sqf New York apartment renovated to be a creative workspace for Alice, designed by friend, interior designer and photographer Eric Petschek.

Q. You both photograph beautiful places, and spaces, all over the world - wow does flooring play an important role in design?

A. The floor plane is obviously a major surface to consider: it gives spaces a sense of scale, it can provide texture, and it is often times the surface against which other materials and fabrics are overlaid, so can either contrast or complement the furniture, rugs, lamps, etc. Lots to consider!

Q. You chose Havwoods’ BPFH21/1611/120 Jutland Herringbone for the floor. What made you pick this product?

A. We loved the scale of the wood planks in relation to the space, the sense of movement the herringbone pattern provides, the textural interest of the tumbled wood, and the visual interest of the rustic-grade planks.

Q. We love the nickname for the apartment, but it’s definitely nothing short of chic! Any tips or tricks on getting the most out of small or tricky spaces?

A: As much hidden storage as possible so the space appears clean and simple! If closet space isn’t an option, make built-in cabinets where possible, like in any niches that would lend themselves well to that kind of thing. But along with that, also just being extra considerate when bringing in new pieces to the space. Less is more.

Q. Your careers both require non-stop creativity...what is your favorite way to stay creative or find inspiration when you need it?

A. The easy answer is travel, but it’s true—99% of the time I travel, it's to see superlative design. Travel is the quickest way to get out of a creative rut. I also love reading as a way to stimulate my visual senses. A nice long walk in my own city can do the trick too. 

To see more about Alice Gao’s renovation adventure, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this project reveal on Apercu Journal, Gao’s lifestyle and design site.

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