The Shad Thames, London


Location - london

Product Used - hw3001 Fendi Prime 120 mm Herringbone 

Designer - Daniela Condò

Developer - Mario Marotta

Photographer - Calvert Studios

Instagram -

The Shad Thames apartment project involved a full refurbishment of a tired and outdated duplex 2-bedroom flat in the heart of London.

The design brief was to transform the old-fashioned apartment into a modern, fresh and timeless space. This involved a full strip-out of the existing apartment and the removal of an internal wall to create an open-plan kitchen and lounge area. The Designer for the project was Daniela Condò of D Condo Design, and Mario Marotta was responsible for the building work.

The specific Havwoods product chosen for this project was Fendi Prime 120mm Herringbone from the Venture Plank collection. The product was selected because it had the necessary colour and tone variations to create a 3D vision throughout the entire ground floor and the first floor of the apartment. The result is a luxurious and stunning space that perfectly captures the essence of modern, fresh, and timeless design. 

The Shad Thames project showcases the importance of careful attention to detail in creating a beautiful and functional living space. The use of the Fendi Prime 120mm Herringbone flooring product from Havwoods adds a touch of sophistication and understated elegance to the apartment, while contributing to the overall design scheme. 

This project is a testament to the importance of quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and thoughtful design choices in creating a truly luxurious living space.