Transforming A Brooklyn Apartment

Project - Bright Brooklyn Apartment

Location - Brooklyn

Product Used - HW3005 | Blanco Herringbone - HW9594 | Blanco Character

Designer - B Interior

Photographer - Frederic Carlet

The renovation in Brooklyn exemplifies the potency of Minimalism as a design ethos. Spearheaded by B Interior, a refined residential design firm in New York, the project embodies their vision of creating sleek, uncluttered spaces where architectural elements and materials take center stage.

The choice of Blanco from the Venture Plank collection was deliberate, as its light tone was deemed essential for achieving a pristine ambiance and establishing a visual contrast with the dark millwork in the kitchen. The apartment's abundant natural light, streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows, serves as its focal point, with the light-colored floors providing an ideal backdrop for showcasing the breathtaking view.

For the B Interior team, key considerations in the design process include clean lines and practicality. This apartment strikes a delicate balance between minimalism and personalized touches, tailored to the lifestyle of its well-traveled clients who have resided in various parts of the world, including Australia and Singapore. Their collection of exquisite artifacts finds a perfect showcase amidst the clean aesthetic, adding character without overwhelming the space. 

The location is a vital influence on every space designed by B Interior. As explained by Principal, Sharon Blaustein, “When designing a summer home, the design theme is beachy, lots of natural materials and light colors. For the city apartment, the design can be more edgy, sophisticated and urban.” 

The B Interior team chooses to work with Havwoods on a number of their projects because “Havwoods have amazing variety, high quality products in the right price point. The customer service is great.”