Vibrant Contemporary Office, London

Project - Vibrant Contemporary Office

Location - London

Product Used - HW3736 | Serres Prime

Designer - Open Volume Studio

Photographer - Chris Snook

A vibrant space with a lively, contemporary feel, Havwoods was specified for the conversion of this outdated office into a modernised workplace.  

The goal of the design brief was to enhance the office's flexibility by integrating a meeting room, renovating the kitchen and other areas to embody the distinct brand identity of the upscale boutique wellness company, and introducing a more luminous atmosphere to counter the previously dim environment.  The project entailed transforming an outdated office space located above a restaurant into a sleek, contemporary flat. A primary challenge involved addressing the acoustics to suit the intended use by a wellness and sports company, necessitating various amenities while faithfully representing the brand. 

The design concept cantered on injecting vitality and character into the space using colour, drawing inspiration from the company's brand identity to subtly reintroduce elements of playfulness and brightness. By blending modern colour palettes with a nod to 80s aesthetics, the objective was to cultivate a dynamic ambiance while retaining a contemporary sensibility. Featured across the open-plan workplace, Havwoods’ Serres Prime 1-Strip flooring in Platinum complements the high-end boutique ambience, creating a feeling of brightness throughout. A light yet warm colourway, the flooring is the ideal choice for this revamped space, combining beautiful aesthetics with practicality.