West Lodge Avenue

Project - West Lodge Avenue

Location - London

Product Used - HW961 Amendo

Designer - Aflux Designs

Featuring the Havwoods Venture Plank collection, this striking residential home located in West Lodge Avenue has undergone a full refurbishment, turning a large house into three separate dwellings. 

The design brief was to create a modern interior that was both neutral and contemporary, whilst allowing the new homeowner to create a space where they would be able to add their own accents of colour and style. The overall look features contemporary fixtures and fittings, minimalist furniture and simple accessories, resulting in a look that is clean and spacious.  

The project is characterised by bespoke cabinetry, striking shelving, statement lighting and the Amendo board from Havwoods’ collection. 

With the flooring playing a key role in the overall look of the project, the main goal was to create a sleek, light-toned surface that was perfectly suited to the modern home.

The Amendo finish is the ideal board for this particular scheme – in addition to its aesthetic qualities, the hardwood surface is backed by a superior-quality birch ply to ensure a greater level of stability.  

Photography by Adam Butler