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Blonde Wood Flooring

Blonde wood flooring offers the tone of a sun-kissed beach, it's the colour of sandy dunes and golden sunsets.

Honey Wood Flooring

Honey wood flooring is like a ray of sunshine, it's the colour of golden fields, and warm sunbeams.

Auburn Wood Flooring

Auburn wood flooring is reminiscent of warm flames and autumn leaves, of rich caramel, and of flaming embers.

Brunette Wood Flooring

The colour of a cosy lodge in the woods, brunette wood flooring is like a warm, thick blanket; it is familiar and reassuring.

Cocoa Wood Flooring

Cocoa wood flooring is like a rich, dark chocolate, it's the colour of a decadent truffle, smooth and indulgent.

Platinum Wood Flooring

Platinum wood flooring is like a shining star, it's the colour of moonlit nights and glistening snow.

Smoky Grey Wood Flooring

Smoky grey wood flooring offers the variation and intrigue of a stormy sky, with its ominous shadows and emotive dark clouds.