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Add warmth and character with wood flooring

12 Jan 2021

Introduce warmth and character into your interiors with wood flooring. Inspired by both traditional and contemporary influences, and with a wide range of on-trend board designs available across the range.

Havwoods’ timber transforms everything from walls to floors, creating a continuous flow of natural texture. Each board exudes an undeniable look of elegance, perfect for interiors of all styles and sizes. Bring walls to life with beautiful cladding. Suitable for walls, surfaces and ceilings, each plank within Havwoods’ wall collections are designed to create an impactful covering within any interior space. With a variety of options such as the Cork board, the surface of each feature tile offers a highly textured, rustic raised-pattern finish that is made to add interest and character to vertical surfaces, whether used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme.

Alternatively, the beautiful boards found across the Vertical collection work wonderfully across interiors, delivering an effortlessly natural appeal. Presented across a range of Havwoods’ exclusive wall and flooring collections, you can choose from hundreds of engineered, reclaimed and solid wood planks. As with all the brand’s collections, the range is presented in a breadth of finishes including distressed, smoked, and lacquered, offering customers an aesthetic choice to suit their individual interior schemes.

Featuring striking patterns such as herringbone, chevron, and the elaborate Versailles plank formation, a statement surface can be effortlessly created with Havwoods’ easy-to-fit systems, which include click and tongue & groove. From the textural finish of the Henley engineered collection, with its characterful surface patterns and tonal hues, to the reclaimed planks of Relik and the luxurious narrow boards of The Italian Collection, each design is available in a spectrum of dark, dramatic and neutral hues, alongside a wide choice of additional colour palettes.

Perfectly suited to modern minimalist interiors, the Havwoods collection also encompasses the understated appeal of Scandinavian-style surfaces. The pale tones draw upon the natural marks and characteristics found in the wood to keep the overall space looking light and airy. The use of pale wood flooring, especially within open-plan spaces and smaller rooms, helps to introduce a sense of light and spaciousness, also serving as a natural canvas for the rest of a room’s scheme. Choose everything from the beautiful, blanched hues of Fendi to the luminous yet elegant textures of Trillo.