As seen at Surface Design Show

14 Feb 2024

Utilising our expert knowledge in wood and design, we have recently expanded and enhanced our collection of products to include a superior series of new and innovative timber surface solutions.

The recent Surface Design Show gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase some of our latest wood surface solutions such as Elegante, Simplista and PurePanel 3D. The feedback from our visitors to the show was overwhelmingly positive, and we would like to thank everyone who came to see us for the many inspiring conversations!

Continuing to provide luxury wood flooring solutions for both residential and commercial uses, our refreshed product portfolio now includes decorative and structural wood surface products that work beyond the floor.

The 3-dimensional Elegante veneers are made from reconstituted Italian ALPI veneer from Ayous trees. A tropical tree native to West and Central Africa, the Ayous tree is fast-growing and sustainably produced, offering a grain neutral timber that can be easily coloured and processed to create beautifully dynamic surface solutions that replicate any timber species. Elegante comes in a range of different surface styles including Fresato (milled), Costato (ribbed) and Ondato (waved). 

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Designed to complement the Elegante veneers range, our new budget-friendly Simplista collection offers the most popular profiles in Milled, Wave and Ribbed formats in a range of paintable, flexible and multi-application MDF surfaces. Just like Elegante, Simplista can be applied for walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, subtle curved surfaces, and simply just anywhere else wood is suitable for. Simplista products are striking and versatile!

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PurePanel 3D is our very latest collection of hardwood veneers, taking the core elements of our Purepanels and elevating them to a whole new dimension. 3D textures, geometric raised surfaces and organic shapes are just some of the features of these truly unique panels. 

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