Endless possibilities with Havwoods Bespoke

27 Sep 2019

Havwoods Bespoke is a premium service designed to help architects and interior designers achieve their exact desired effects, without having to compromise either quality or style. 

Anything is possible with Havwoods Bespoke, the service allows you to build your ideal floor of any size, colour, or pattern. A variety of colours, textures and shapes can all be combined to match any requirements. 

From intrinsically designed parquet patterns and multi-tonal wood formations, to exquisite inlaid sections of brass and steel, the possibilities are endless with Havwoods bespoke. 

Additionally, Havwoods Bespoke is not just limited to flooring, as wood can be utilised in many ways within a design scheme including ceilings, walls, cupboards, tables and chairs, Havwoods has the wood that works. 

Havwoods Bespoke possesses many great features including slip resistance and light reflection. We encourage customers to consider their branding as logos and other brand related elements can be incorporated into the design, with dimensions specified to suit all budgets. 

Sublime inlaid panels provide an idea of how contemporary the traditional craft of inlaying can be, and just how modifiable Havwoods Bespoke can also be. The dedicated Havwoods bespoke team offers a fast turnaround of quotations, usually within 24 hours. 

Working with the world's best producers and sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests, the team is ready to take the most challenging ideas and turn them into a realistic commercial proposition. 

No design is too extravagant for the Havwoods Bespoke team, so put their creativity and expertise to the test with a unique flooring design. 

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