Havwoods Bus Tours Manchester

11 Sep 2019

Our famous Havwoods Routemaster bus navigated the streets of Manchester visiting our Northern based customers and clients.

Having recently roamed the streets of London as part of Clerkenwell Design Week, our 1960's converted Routemaster swapped the capital for Manchester as it continued to visit customers based in the bustling Northern city. 

Packed with some of our most intriguing woods, the bus is like a Havwoods showroom on wheels. It has drawn crowds at various exhibitions across the UK and Europe, and in January, toured central London, stopping at pre-arranged locations to save our customers the need to travel to us. With coffee, tea and cakes served on board, we were proud to deliver our famous Havwoods hospitality. 

This time, we were hugely proud to take the bus to a new location, Manchester. Over the three days, we visited some key accounts and had many wonderful visitors. One thing is certain, the bus with its traditional feeling and retro appearance never ceases to amaze our customers.

We should be planning our next tour soon, where would you like to see us?