Havwoods launches new CPD

1 Jun 2020

We are proud to be introducing a brand new CPD on a very current and exciting subject. Our CPDs are delivered to you by our Business Development Team, and here’s a Q&A with Simon Myatt, Business Development Manager for Havwoods, on the new CPD.

What is the title of the new CPD, and what does it mean?

The title for our wonderful new CPD is: ‘An introduction to Regenerative Architecture’. What this CPD demonstrates is that Regenerative Design is a big step up from just ‘Sustainable Design’. It optimises the huge benefits of restorative principals. It optimises good, not just focussing on what is ‘less bad’.

What is so great about this CPD?

What is really great about it is that we are unpacking a new concept that could have a hugely positive impact in the built environment as well as our current ‘existential crisis’ on the planet.

Is the CPD RIBA accredited?

Yes, it is.

Who is the CPD ideal for?

This CPD is ideal for Architects and Interior Designers interested in significant and ground-breaking design advancement!

How can I book a CPD with Havwoods when we all work so remotely?

All our CPDs are currently delivered online. To book please go to form below or you can email me directly at

Is there a limit to the group size?

Absolutely no limits to participation numbers. We look forward to having you!

To book your CPD use the form below: