How to match furniture with your wood flooring

6 Mar 2023

A quality wood flooring that’s built to last generations can provide the perfect base to any home. When it comes to designing the space, the furniture you choose can greatly impact the look and feel of your home. That’s why it's incredibly important to choose furnishings that will complement your wooden floors.

Choosing furniture that compliments the tones of your wood flooring can seem a little daunting at first, but there are tips and tricks that’ll help you style your home with furnishings that will showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of your wooden floors.

Mix up colours and wood finishes

Thinking about contrasting colours and styles is vital when it comes to matching furniture with wooden flooring. The differences in the wood finishes and colours can really help to provide a pleasing aesthetic that feels luxurious and comfortable. 

Dark wood floors work incredibly well with lighter, airier items of furniture as they provide a balance. If you have dark wood floors, you could look for off-white colours, as well as cream, beige, green (such as emerald), azure blue, and of course light and dark grey. If your dining room or other large space features dark wood flooring, ensure the focal point of the room (such as a dining table) features bright or light colours to really draw the eye and provide visual balance. You can achieve this either with the material of the dining table or with table features such as table runners, candles, and other decorative items

Similarly, contrasting your light wood flooring with darker furnishings can help to provide depth and variety to a space, and will help to draw attention to various parts of the room. Pairing light flooring with darker furniture also helps to make a space seem larger. 

Mixing textures with wood finishes also adds contrast. Don’t be afraid to introduce furnishings with a  polished and smooth finish to wood flooring with a textured or rustic character.

Introduce colour and different fabrics to break up matchy furniture

When it comes to designing your ideal space, personal preference and the ‘feel’ of the room is important. This means that something that works in one space may not work in another.  The idea of introducing colour and different textures and fabric is to ensure the furnishings you choose compliment your wood flooring.

Neutral colours are always safe bets no matter what kind of wood flooring you have. If you want bolder choices for your furniture, try finding pieces with wooden legs that match the colour of your flooring. The wood portion of the furniture will complement the floor, while the other materials will stand out and break up matchy furniture. This creates an overall balance that helps the piece fit with the rest of the room without blending in too much. 

Another way you can add variety to a space and break up matchy furniture is through textiles, fabric, and styling decor. Try introducing colourful throws and add further pops of colour with pillows that feature similar (or the same) colours as other items in the room. 

You should keep your overall colour scheme in mind, but it’s a good rule to introduce lighter fabrics and decor to darker flooring and furniture to brighten the space. The opposite is also true with lighter flooring and furnishings, adding darker accents of decor can add depth and provide a more comfortable atmosphere. 

Select furnishings within your wood flooring’s tone

Every wood floor has its own  distinct undertone which can range from cool and light, to deep and warm tones. If you’re trying to match an item of furniture to your wood floorings (such as a coffee table, dining table, or cabinet) you can choose an item with the same tones as your wood flooring but aim to go one to two shades darker or lighter — but always stick to the same colour family.

Again, the idea here is to add contrast and variety. Furniture with red tones look great when placed on wood flooring with warm, red undertones.

Lighter wood flooring with rich honey tones, pair well with warm hues, such as oranges and yellows which can really help make those golden undertones of the wood ‘pop’.

Jump on Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic way to get inspiration and can help you style different types of wood flooring with various furnishings. Search the style of wood flooring you have and you’ll find hundreds (or even thousands) of different ways people have styled their spaces to compliment their beautiful wood flooring. 

You may even fall in love with an entirely different style to what you were originally planning!

Pinterest is completely free and you can create mood boards to help you visualise colour palettes and interiors.

If in doubt, choose white

White is a truly understated colour and is a great fall-back if you’re stuck for ideas.

It’s important to note that different manufacturers and designers will have slightly different hues of ‘white’ so if it’s possible, you should choose furniture from the same range — especially if the furniture is to be in the same room. There are exceptions to this rule but in general it’s best to design a space with matching sets. 

Although white may at first seem cold, airy, and light — paired with wooden flooring and accents of decor with darker undertones, white furnishings can add warmth and bring a coastal and modern feel to your home.

Beautiful wood flooring for any interior

Designing a space with furnishings that compliment your beautiful wood flooring can seem challenging, but by following our simple tips and tricks, you can create comfortable and stylish rooms that highlight the natural colours and tones of your wood flooring.

At Havwoods, we specialise in beautifully crafted wood flooring that’s built to last with designs to suit a range of styles. If you have any questions about the Havwoods range, contact us for beautiful wood flooring for any interior.