Introducing HavSeal™

15 Sep 2020

We have recently introduced HavSeal™, our very own product accreditation relating to the eco-value of a product.

‘As the market presents a growing demand for eco-friendly products we wanted to add our own stamp of approval on certain products in our portfolio. HavSeal enhances the profile of each product giving even more product information for our clients. It also offers better insights into how we bring products to the marketplace’, says Havwoods’ Global Product Compliance Officer Darren Mayes.

Mayes continues, ‘Simultaneously, the seal of approval gives our suppliers a goal to work towards enabling them to better their company profile with added accreditation that will assist towards the seal of approval. The aim is to be able to integrate more accreditation and via this answer to the market needs.’

The HavSeal criteria is comparable to the EU’s own Ecolabel. Products are awarded points according to environmental accreditation, the health of the material, the production process and the material’s waste generation. Products that accrue five points are endorsed with our green seal of approval and those attaining six or more points will accrue our gold seal.

Sustainability is here to stay, and everyone is looking for more and more healthy materials in their specifications, with clear accreditations. Havwoods is continuously increase their offering in line with this.