Light wood floor living room ideas

5 Dec 2022

The key to making a space feel larger is by using lighter tones throughout your design. This is especially true of permanent fixtures like walls and floors. Opting for lighter shades helps to open up your space.

Interior designers have been using natural wood tones in their designs for years. But the current trend for wood is leaning lighter to compliment airy interiors. From greys to tans to whites, light wood floors provide the perfect base for an airy interior.

Whether you already have light wood floors or want to add them to your home, you may want to know how they will work in your space. Here are some ideas to help you design a living room that features light wood floors.

Wood floor colours

If you're looking for an interior design that features lighter colours, you have a few options for flooring. You can pick one that best matches your interior aesthetic or the current decor in your home. These are some of the current trendy light wood floor colours.

­• White wood floors

White is a colour that never goes out of style. So while this may be a trendy option, it's also incredibly timeless - if you can invest time in maintaining white floors. Make your space feel cosy by choosing white oak floors that have a bit of warmth in their colouring. Great if you are playing with light in the room to make it look larger.

­• Natural wood floors

Natural wood floors don't have a stain that makes them darker, and that's why people love them. With colours like taupe, beige, and tan, they add warmth and a little bit of colour to the space.

• Grey wood floors

Popular in modern homes, grey wood floors provide a stylish base to a room. They have the benefit of being open and airy while also not showing as much dust as darker wood finishes.

Wood floor designs

Along with a traditional plank pattern, there are plenty of wood floor designs if you want to make your floors more of a feature in the room. If you don't want a simple pattern, here are some wood patterns that can add movement and interest to your space.

  Herringbone Pattern

Laying your flooring planks in a herringbone pattern will definitely provide a bold style. Similar to a zig-zag, this pattern has traditional roots but still feels incredibly modern. Herringbone is also a great way to add movement to a space.

  Diagonal Pattern

Put a little twist on tradition by laying your flooring planks diagonally across the room. In this pattern, the planks are oriented from corner to corner rather than straight across. This will add some visual interest without being too overwhelming to the eyes. 

  Parquet Pattern

Parquet flooring is an antique style that's definitely making a comeback. This pattern features inlaid square motifs like a basket weave or mosaic pattern. Floors in this style will require an expert, but the final result is definitely worth it.

Colours that complement light wood floors

Creating a colour scheme is incredibly important in order to have a cohesive space. With a permanent fixture like a light wood floor, you want to be sure that the colours you choose complement the space. Here are some popular colour palettes for homes that have lighter wood floors.

  Whites and creams

There's nothing more timeless than a neutral interior. Plus, white and creams will go with everything. This colour scheme is ideal for those who want a crisp and unfussy space.

  Taupes and beiges

Similar to whites and creams but with a little more warmth. Taupes and beiges are good bases and will also go well with other colours and all light hardwood floors. For those who like neutral but want a warmer, cosier space, choose taupe.

  Earth tones

Infuse soothing colours like greens, browns, tans, and reds into your space. Earth tones complement natural wood floors well because both elements have that warm, nature-inspired feeling.

  Shades of blue

Calming blue works almost like a neutral because the colour goes well with pretty much anything. When it comes to blue, checking the undertones will ensure it will match perfectly with your space. Blue and white is a combination you can't go wrong with.

  Light pinks and purples

For softness and a hint of femininity, incorporate lighter shades of pinks and purples in the space. These feel sweet and playful, but with the right hue, they can look very sophisticated.

  Warm tones

Interiors are trending more towards warm-toned colour palettes rather than the cool-toned ones that have been dominating the scene for years. Orange and yellow are both having a rise in popularity. White floors can really bring out the brightness of these colours.

Furniture for light floor living rooms

When you have a lighter floor, the goal is often to create a space that feels open and airy. You can also achieve this design by choosing the right furniture. You don't always need a big living room renovation to transform your space. These furniture ideas would look great in living rooms with light floors.

  Plush white sofa

You need a sofa that you can sink into and be comfortable sitting on while watching movies or chatting with friends. And while a colour like white may seem daunting for an often-used piece, it's also timeless and will contribute to the airiness of the room.

  Chairs with long legs

Furniture pieces with visible legs have less visual weight than clunky pieces. They also allow you to feature your floors more. Choose accent chairs with long visible legs to make the room feel more open.

  Glass coffee tables

Glass coffee tables have a similar effect as long legs as they promote airiness because they're see-through. Glass will also allow you to see your floors, unlike solid pieces like metal and wood.

Materials and textures to Use

To create a visually interesting space, you have to layer the materials and textures. Rooms with too many similar pieces feel one-note and boring. Here are the textures to consider for your living room.


Chunky knits add a cosiness to the space and much-needed visual interest. They're also incredibly versatile so you can use them no matter what your dominant style is. Use knits in blankets and throw pillows as accents.


Add a touch of luxury with velvet accents. Velvet feels both elegant, timeless, and modern, so it's a great fabric to use when trying to mix styles. You can use velvet in statement furniture pieces like chairs and sofas or accents like curtains. Paired with grey floors, velvet can look incredibly high-end.

  Rattan and wicker

Bring in a natural element by using rattan and wicker furniture pieces. The popularity of these materials has grown in recent years as people have shifted into more bohemian-inspired natural interiors. These materials often look best when paired with natural wood floors.

  Natural stones

A touch of glam can be achieved by adding elements of a natural stone like marble. Natural stone can also feel quite elegant and timeless with the right pieces. Consider marble side tables paired with white floors for a luxe look.

Decorating ideas for living rooms with light wood floors

Choosing an interior design style will help you make decorating decisions. For the most interesting space, choose one style to be the predominant style and two others as complementing accent pieces. These are some popular interior design styles that people are currently decoring their homes with.

1. Boho

One style gaining popularity in the bohemian-influenced interior. This aesthetic brings in a lot of natural elements and wood tones to create a warm, cosy, and nature-inspired home. Natural coloured floors would make a great base.

2. Clean and contemporary

Straight lines and sleek design are the characteristics of contemporary modern design. This can look timeless and often has a touch of luxury, thanks to accents like natural stones. Opt for white or grey floors to continue the neutral clean aesthetic.

3. Bright and eclectic

Homeowners and designers alike are using more bright colours to create bold and eclectic designs. This design style is all about infusing personality by choosing a unique colour palette used throughout the space.

3. Scandinavian design

Minimal and clean, Scandinavian design beautifully masters style and functionality. These spaces have clean lines and angular shapes. It's also known for being bright and airy, so white and natural coloured floors will pair well. 

4.Modern rustic

Modern rustic feel relaxing and laid back while still focusing on design. The design features more solids and emphasises natural textures. The spaces are overwhelmingly neutral, so white and natural coloured floors are the ideal base. 

Transform your home with light wood floors

Light wood floors are currently sweeping the design trends. This is the perfect feature if you're looking for a colour scheme that will make your space feel open and airy. Creating a room that appears larger is one of the biggest light wood floor benefits.

Another benefit is that light wood floors can easily take on many interior design styles. So whether your personal aesthetic is contemporary, boho, or eclectic, light wood floors provide the perfect foundation.

Your home can be completely transformed with light wood floors. Havwoods white wood flooring will provide the perfect base for any home or style.