Make way for sustainability

15 Jan 2021

Sustainability belongs to us all. It is not something that only the Governments and organisations around the world are responsible for. Every single individual’s everyday decisions matter and impact the three key elements of sustainability: economy, society, and environment.

Sustainability is here to stay and acquiring materials from sustainably responsible sources has never been as important as it is today. Our clients are looking for more and more healthy materials in their specifications, with clear accreditations. At Havwoods we are continuously taking new steps to improve our actions in this area, and we do our utmost to ensure that our timber is ethically and sustainably sourced by working only with reputable timber companies. We require an independent certification to verify our timber sources, and this certification is available to our clients on request. Many of our products are certified by key international forestry accreditations.

We have also introduced our own seal of approval called HavSeal™. Further measures are taken to ensure sustainability, and the care of the regional ecology is considered by the responsible timber sources. HavSeal is awarded only to products that exceed the already high standards needed to ensure entry into the Havwoods portfolio.

With the HavSeal criteria products are awarded points according to environmental accreditation, the health of the material, the production process and the material’s waste generation. Products that accrue five points are endorsed with Green Seal of approval, and those attaining six or more points will accrue Gold Seal.

Havwoods’ Head of Global Product Compliance, Darren Mayes, says:

‘As regulation and market demands grow for more eco-friendly products we wanted to add our own stamp of approval to products deriving from well-managed sources, considering sustainability, ecology, production and waste. HavSeal not only enhances the profile of each product but also provides a higher-level platform for manufacturers to attain.’