Rugged, natural beauty for modern rustic look

5 Oct 2018

Modern rustic is a popular trend in interior design. It goes hand in hand with the minimalist look and feel with wide open spaces and exposed natural elements, such as wood.

It reflects comfort and warmth, rugged natural beauty. It feels understated and calm. Modern Rustic look is highly sought after in many areas of interior design such as homes, apartments, workspaces, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Wood provides the perfect foundation for Modern Rustic. With its versatility, durability, warmth and natural beauty, it can create the perfect focal point in your space.

At Havwoods we are proud to offer you a number of stunning products to help you create the modern rustic look, surrounded by simplicity and comfort. Our products are suitable not only for floors but throughout surfaces; flooring, cladding and ceiling.

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