Bursts of Colour

26 Mar 2020

For some time now, neutral palettes have dominated interior design, with décor trends solely revolving around various shades of cream, beige and grey. Now, bursts of colour are once again having a revival, with homeowners and interior designers choosing to incorporate brighter shades and braver designs with more personality into their schemes.

Using colour within interior design produces a level of visual interest, versatility, contrast and tone that is unrivalled when compared to its neutral counterpart. Colour can be used to create drama, impact mood and provide context to any design scheme. 

Contrast can be used to provide a range of tones, from dramatic darks to artificial brights, and from fiery reds to icy blue. Natural hues can be chosen to complement seasonal palettes within interiors and can often provide the perfect finishing touch; offering a balance of inviting gold, brass and rust tones, as well as enhancing sustainable, reclaimed materials. Even minimalist schemes are embracing a warmer look, with pigmented pastels and earthy hues. 

Meanwhile, saturated shades provide deep, rich and luminous colour that can be used to create a real impact within interiors. The choices when playing with colour are endless!

Colour also plays an extremely important role within interior design with regards to impacting mood. Colour psychology is a powerful tool that impacts the character of a room more so than any other factor. 

Different shades evoke certain emotions so, when choosing colours, consider the kind of atmosphere they will achieve. For example, red raises a room’s energy level while blue is believed to bring down blood pressure and slow heart rate.

At Havwoods we believe that the natural wood tones of our products are the perfect backdrop to combine with gorgeous, sumptuous, colourful textiles. 

As demonstrated in our Bayswater residential project, the distinctive finish of the Blanco herringbone boards provide a bright, light way to showcase the fun pops of green, blue and yellow that are incorporated throughout the home with cabinetry in the kitchen and soft furnishings in the living room. 

At our Amhurst Road residential project, the Henley collection was chosen to complement the natural colour scheme, which included lots of natural greenery and hints of warm mustard and brass. At Matches Fashion, a retail scheme in The Shard London, Havwoods’ herringbone boards provided the perfect flooring to the rich shades of this project that was cleverly decorated to evoke a sense of luxury.

Another way that wood can be used to bring an element of colour and personality into a design scheme is to combine a variety of different boards together to mix and match shades and textures.

This approach was adopted by award-winning digital company, The Bio Agency in London, who opted for a statement finish with the reclaimed characteristics of our Oak Sandford planks. Installed in a variety of colours, the planks were placed not only across the entire floor but also onto the walls to create a powerful and impactful look, designed to wow clients.

Similarly, at the Havana Republic restaurant in Shrewsbury, our products were used in a full-blown celebration of reclaimed colourful wood and, with some creative artwork and imaginative lighting; an explosion of colour provides an undeniable sense of stunning Cuban style.

The rise in popularity around the use of colour has resulted in a wonderful array of interior design schemes and projects, many of which use wood to accentuate the colour choices. We look forward to seeing how the use of colour evolves in the workspace, in residential settings and in the commercial and hospitality environments over time, while continuing to provide the perfect finishing touch with our extensive portfolio and first class service. 


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