Bar Spero

Project - Bar Spero

Location - Washington, DC

Product Used - HW16604 | Pallido

Designer - StreetSense

Photographer - Greg Powers

Chef/Owner Johnny Spero approached StreetSense to bring to life the interior design for his newest venture, Bar Spero. Inspired by his culinary journey through Spanish kitchens and his playful nature. The interior, like the food, is elemental and distinct, separating itself from the unadventurous dining rooms of DC’s past and present.

Keeping the space clean but warm, a simple palette of blonde woods, toffee leather and cotton velvet seating, and dramatic oceanic drapery keep the space soft and natural. 

A standout feature is the LED 'mountain ranges', soaring to the heights of the lofty ceilings, defining seating areas and lending Bar Spero a distinctive visual identity. The angled chevron design choice expands the perception of space, contributing to the restaurant's unique ambiance.