Creating the ideal bedroom space with wood flooring

9 Apr 2024

The bedroom is more than just a room; it’s where every day begins and ends, a sanctuary to recharge and unwind. Amid the ever-changing design trends, the key is to cultivate an ambiance that soothes your thoughts after a busy day and embraces you in comfort.


In this blog we explore bedroom design options and discover how our wood surfaces can dress your personal haven for restful slumber.

Bright, Mature, and Modern

Vibrant colors in a bedroom help reflect light which helps to soften the space while being rich in detail. Contrasting with a dark monochrome, as pictured above, cultivates a moody and mature aesthetic that complements the boldness of the yellow accents. Introducing hardwood planks like the Fendi Prime brings serene balance, with visible, beautiful strips of sapwood creating a space that’s at once bright, mature, and undeniably modern.

Serenity meets coastal style 

Opting for crisp white walls paired with hints of blue decor embodies the coolness of the deep blue ocean and the delicate allure of pearly white seashells. The warmth underfoot, reminiscent of sun-kissed sands, is perfectly reflected in the choice of hardwood floors. Highlighted here is the Pallido Herringbone. Architect Matthew Rauch sought to maximize the space within a 700sqft home by selecting a lighter wood tone. “We wanted to select a lighter colored wood that would maximize the reflected light in the space. The pattern was selected because we liked the sense of movement that the herringbone introduced… the herringbone helped create a continuous flowing pattern that tied the entire space together."

Regal elegance and modern charm

Introducing Versailles panels into your bedroom transforms a simple setting into a standard of regel sophistication. This design choice marries the best of both worlds, blending the timeless allure of classic European interiors with contemporary style elements. The authentic Versailles parquetry, known for its intricate and elegante pattern, draws an air of aristocratic grace. It’s deep lush brown tones infuses the space with a lived-in warmth and richness. The Versailles panels act as a unifying foundation, enhancing the bedroom’s luxurious feel while maintaining a harmonious balance between the antique and the new.

Textures and patterns galore

Dark colored floors can be well suited to bedrooms, helping to create a comforting and cocooning space creating an intimate feel. Our Hartland Herringbone flooring, showcased above, serves as a striking focal point, offering a harmonious contrast to the refined vintage decor elements adorning the space. Against a backdrop of textured powder blue wallpaper and plush velvet seats, the rustic grade of the Hartland enhances the room with warmth and intrigue. Involving plush velvet furnishings into your personal room of rest automatically invites comfort. The deep tones and classic herringbone pattern further enhances the visual interest, complementing the pastel color palette and infusing the space with a touch of timeless elegance.

Room for character

If you’re looking for a refined yet distinctive style in your room, while certain elements stand out while still showcasing the innate charm of wood, then opting for hardwood with character is the perfect solution. A hardwood plank with a natural knots and grain variations adds depth anf personality to the space while maintaining a sese of uniformity and expression. Int he image above, homeowners went for a grand headboard creating a brilliant focal point in the bedroom. With darker accents woven throughout the room, they opted for a hardwood plank with character to highlight the natural features of the wood. When placed in the right setting, wood with character becomes more than just a flooring option - it becomes a design element in its own. The knots and grains that are inherent in a character grade draw the eye, adding layers of visual interest and warmth to the space.

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