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Herringbone Wood Flooring

The classic herringbone wood floor pattern is made from smaller, rectangular blocks of hardwood laid in a pattern which resembles the skeleton of a fish - specifically a herring - and from which it derives its name. It is the most popular of the parquet wood floor patterns and is now very much on trend in both residential, commercial and hospitality installations.

Herringbone flooring is where the past meets the present

The herringbone pattern dates back 2,500 years to the Roman empire, when engineers discovered that a crisscrossing structure of interlocking pavers allowed for compression and movement as the traffic flowed along their roads.

It is thought that the first herringbone wood floor was laid by the Italians in the Françoise I Gallery at the Château de Fontainebleu. They have certainly been laying beautiful patterned floors ever since and it is the Italians who have dictated the delicate dimensions of our Italian Collection blocks. These are perfect for creating fine intricate floors including basket weave and heritage designs, as well as the classical herringbone pattern, and for creating elaborate floors combined with tiles of ceramic, porcelain, glass, or even rubber.

Traditional and contemporary herringbone flooring options

An antiqued finish emphasises this pattern's heritage, so at Havwoods we offer tumbled solid oak blocks which are distressed to emulate antiquity. But if you prefer genuine reclaimed wood, Venetian Lagoon oak really is created from the oak reclaimed from the mooring posts and briccola of the waterways of Venice. Since just 150 of these posts are replaced every year these are a genuinely scarce commodity.

​In contemporary design larger dimensions result in a modern twist, so many of our wood flooring blocks are classed as "oversized''. Indeed, at almost two feet long they are far larger than traditional the blocks. They remain, however, perfectly proportioned to be installed as single or double herringbone, brick pattern, or even tumbling dice if you want something really different.

Installing a herringbone floor

Although one of the simpler parquet patterns, care should be taken when planning your herringbone floor. Remember to work out your pattern carefully before you start. The designs repeat so if the rows are not perfectly straight and precisely aligned with the walls the result will be disappointing. And remember, walls are not always perfectly square so you need to take this into consideration too.

​At Havwoods all our blocks are supplied either with a groove on three sides and a tongue on one, or with two sides groove and two sides tongue. Those marked ‘handed’ are supplied as left- and right-handed and will be supplied in the correct ratio.